Friday, 30 January 2009

My january laying season is over

Ok just sneaked in one more egg to pypi before the end of the month.


... bringing ILRT up to a grand total of four packages in pypi.

I doubt I am likely to have the space (or inclination) to do three eggs in one month again ... unless we get some really full time UOBCMS migration funding.

This particular egg adds the controlled release functionality that was developed in a more specific manner by Dom for the UOBCMS. But this time it can be used for any site, where the migrations are added to the sites theme egg. In addtion it is all rewritten the zope 3 way, and bundles a sub-tool that migrates content's workflow.

All required for changing the workflow used by the production ECU site.

... OK should be finished with plone for a little while (apart from plone2/3 site support) ... time to do a bit of django ...

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