Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Check out ILRT PyPi

ILRT now has its own python code repository and general documentation server at http://pypi.ilrt.bris.ac.uk

So some of the more technical posts from this blog have been moved to the HowTos there.

Any ILRT python code should have its packaged documentation this is now checked out from svn to an eggserver folder on devbox and punted up into web pages via a cron job.
I will look at adding the dump of these to the windows file share as well, so code specs etc. can be tied to release tags and round trip within the code to svn to eggs to the repo web pages to windows share text docs (editable in Word or whatever).

Along with that the repo can hold 'manuals' eg. code club presentations etc. and other bits and pieces. Plus FAQs a useful place to add any quick hints or tips - certainly if you ever waste an hour working out some undocumented thing that in itself only takes 5 minutes, please always add it as a FAQ.

Sorry the actual server is a bit bare plone, it could probably do with being made more like http://www.coactivate.org (a free basecamp stylee plone used for open source project planning)
Or possibly use sphinx, or one of the more documentation centric python tools?

NB: The server is only accessible within the University. Internet development team members can log in via their standard zope accounts if anyone has the urge to edit anything (hopefully!)