Monday, January 19, 2009

... egg number 3

Yep put out another one ... this one gives roughly the same workflow as we have used with
in the past with BaseCMS and UOBCMS ...

NB: learnt a couple more lessons ... added to instructions below ...
1. remember to register from a fresh svn checkout (dont want .pyc from a instance)
2. use python2.4 since python breaks when it encounters decorators
3. make sure tag_svn_revision is set to false
4. your download counter gets reset every time you replace a file even if they are called the same ... so try not to replace files except if there is a glitch when testing the install from release - at release time ... this is good practise anyhow since even minor textual changes mean its not really the same release.
... however that doesnt mean you cant always re-edit documentation ... just do
python2.4 egg_info
python2.4 register
5. Finally remember you might as well edit so that it pumps in README, HISTORY and TODO into the long description field.

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