Friday, January 30, 2009

My january laying season is over

Ok just sneaked in one more egg to pypi before the end of the month.


... bringing ILRT up to a grand total of four packages in pypi.

I doubt I am likely to have the space (or inclination) to do three eggs in one month again ... unless we get some really full time UOBCMS migration funding.

This particular egg adds the controlled release functionality that was developed in a more specific manner by Dom for the UOBCMS. But this time it can be used for any site, where the migrations are added to the sites theme egg. In addtion it is all rewritten the zope 3 way, and bundles a sub-tool that migrates content's workflow.

All required for changing the workflow used by the production ECU site.

... OK should be finished with plone for a little while (apart from plone2/3 site support) ... time to do a bit of django ...

Monday, January 19, 2009

... egg number 3

Yep put out another one ... this one gives roughly the same workflow as we have used with
in the past with BaseCMS and UOBCMS ...

NB: learnt a couple more lessons ... added to instructions below ...
1. remember to register from a fresh svn checkout (dont want .pyc from a instance)
2. use python2.4 since python breaks when it encounters decorators
3. make sure tag_svn_revision is set to false
4. your download counter gets reset every time you replace a file even if they are called the same ... so try not to replace files except if there is a glitch when testing the install from release - at release time ... this is good practise anyhow since even minor textual changes mean its not really the same release.
... however that doesnt mean you cant always re-edit documentation ... just do
python2.4 egg_info
python2.4 register
5. Finally remember you might as well edit so that it pumps in README, HISTORY and TODO into the long description field.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another ILRT egg released

Finally got around to finishing and releasing the egg for generating content / plone sites matching different profiles - e.g. intranet, public etc. ... our second cheeseshop / release and the first that I acted as release manager for.

Technical gotchas regarding releasing code

Do all your metadata in the right places first then use setup tools to regenerate the metadata files.

So my recommendation is start at the top with setup.cfg which should release tag changed from dev to nothing and svn from true to false ... or else you get _rSVNnumber appended to your release versions.
Next add your metadata here (classifiers can be found on the pypi form dropdown) ... then make sure the version you specify in is copied to the one in
Next get your final text ready in README.txt and HISTORY.txt (using restructured text)
Now run
> python2.4 egg_info
this regenerates your.eggname.egg-info/PKG-INFO and the other metadata files. So you can check them before uploading.
Finally you cpuld upload PKG-INFO to pypi by hand but is easier to do it all in one fell swoop via setuptools register.

> python2.4 register sdist bdist_egg upload

(the sdist makes a source tarball and the bdist_egg and egg)

If you really need to do final tweakings ... via the pypi web form ... you can do so but you will then have to go to the generated PKG_INFO link on pypi and copy and paste the results back into README.txt etc., rerun egg-info and re-upload your egg tarball ... I did all that at first and then realised that was a really bad idea!

Lastly all you need to do is go through the whole process again via different web forms on ;-)
... though I think this is being addressed?

* Oh and one final bugbear ... where do you set platform in the metadata?